Naturally smart, SatoHum® products are a measured and mature step into the future.
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Our slogan – Clever by Nature – is about our invaluable raw material, about how experience and technology generate qualitatively new effective means, and about how our community grows with new customers and consumers thanks to the right choice. SatoHum® is the natural smart choice.


Sapropel and lowland peat are our treasure, which we carefully and prudently use and process, add chelated forms of vitamins and microelements so that our finished product works on your lands and on your animals.

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We have ready-made solutions for the headaches of many agronomists, farmers and gardeners. We have focused our efforts on ensuring that the compositions not only meet the latest requirements of the time, but also be effective in the most critical phenophases: germination of seedlings, risks of frost and mechanical lodging from precipitation and wind, protection of plants from pests and diseases, plumping of grains and fruits, long keeping quality. Our products are designed for the entire growing cycle of plants, for all types of crop production, including hydroponics.

In industrial animal production, our product SatoHum® Bio has shown excellent results in increasing the immunity of the livestock and reducing the amount of antibiotics introduced into the diet of animals.


In medium and long term, our compositions not only preserve the biome of a single ecosystem, but also develop the resistance of groundwater and soil to external unfavorable factors, neutralize excess of inorganic substances, form insoluble and immobile complexes with heavy metals and radionuclides, which is especially useful for reclamation and sanitation of soils and water bodies.


We are also happy to cooperate with public and private agricultural universities, experimental fields and laboratories, specialized research institutes, farms, orchards, greenhouses, ecological farms and gardens both for the exchange of experience, joint research and testing, and for the professional practice of specialists.


SatoHum® is engaged in specialized agricultural consulting and development of practical solutions for both intensive and extensive agriculture, as well as for the revegetation and restoration of exhausted lands.


Our product Sato® Barrier and the line of soil improvers SatoSoil® are in demand in rehabilitating objects of accumulated harm – polluted water bodies, sludge storages, dumps, quarries, industrial agriculture residues, especially in poultry farms and pig farms.


We are involved in revegetating and replanting of industrial gardens, we select the best alternative ideas for greenhouses and hydroponics.

Today the whole world is facing an impressive task: to get the greatest return from year to year with the least damage to nature and to reveal the maximum potential of plants and animals in order to feed the entire population of the planet. Practice shows that there are not many effective and safe answers. We are proud to say that SatoHum® products are one of those answers.


What distinguishes us is an integrated bio-circular approach that requires a deep knowledge of the agrophysical properties of the land and the best combinations of soil-crop-nourishment. SatoSoil® peat-sapropel mixtures, SatoGrow® organo-mineral biostimulants and SatoHum® liquid preparations with a high content of humic and fulvic acids are the result of painstaking soil science, comprehensive environmental monitoring and rational resource management.

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SatoHum® has wide experience in developing on-site formulations on a problem-solution basis.

We carry out a comprehensive analysis of mother and nutrient solutions, correct nutrient deficiencies.

We have developed connections and joint experience with laboratories and certification centers in EU and EAEU countries.

We will select the best combination of micronutrients for the well-being of your animals and birds.

We carry out an analysis of agrophysical properties and offer targeted feeding of your gardens, competent replanting and reclamation of industrial gardens.

We cut down costs of mineral fertilizers, and restrain the removal of mineral macronutrients from soils.

The optimal combination of reagents and peat-sapropel mixtures for land and water bodies treatment.

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