SatoHum® – highly effective products for modern Industrial agriculture, soil fertility rehabilitation and water treatment

We produce organo-mineral and organic fertilizers based on peat-sapropel mixture


Profile selection of our products suitable for the main crops.



Main lines: soil improvers, biostimulants, nutrition and special formulations.



Our specialists will study your problems and offer the best professional solution.



Land revegetation, preservation of fertility, solutions for the urban green environment and professional lawns.


How to feed the planet with safe and healthy food?

The world dictates new rules for bio-circular-green economy and the abandonment of fossil reserves

Europe is the early forerunner in the systemic restructuring of industrial agriculture. European Green Deal by 2030 proposes to reduce the use of pesticides by up to 50% and by 25% of mineral fertilizers and chemicals.

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Advantages of SatoHum® compared to organic fertilizers

Advantages of SatoHum® compared to mineral fertilizers

Advantages of SatoHum® over organo-mineral fertilizers


Our response to the new challenges of the time

Soil Conditioners

SatoSoil® Soil Conditioners maintain soil fertility and correct saline and acidic soils.

Macro and micro nutrition

Complex systemic nutrition and correction of certain microelement deficiencies.


Organo-mineral granulates are an alternative for the rational application of minerals.

Special compounds

Profile solutions for professional lawns, water treatment, and greenhouse crop production.

SatoHum® - safe solutions with zero toxic waste

Our humates, sapropel, preparations with humic and fulvic acids are especially in demand in industrial agriculture, in the rehabilitation of objects of accumulated harm, in livestock farms and in private households.

Guaranteed composition

We treat the final product from our raw materials responsibly and achieve reproducible results
Organic matter

Contains amino acids, proteins and lipids necessary for the growth of living cells

Humic acids

Neutralize pathogenic bioactive environment, heal the soil and plants

Fulvic acids

Deliver and facilitate assimilation of main nutrients

What do we add?

Macro, meso and micronutrients in combination with other elements are absorbed without residue

SatoHum® - we invite you to cooperate

We work with specialized research institutes, laboratories, and certification bodies. We have our own portfolio of cases for tasks in hydroponics and greenhouses, intensive horticulture, livestock farms and extensive cultivation of cereals.

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