4 Sato Steps

4 Sato® Steps - systemic approach to increasing crop yield

SatoHum® products are developed either for specific crops, based on the objective requirements of their growing cycle and phenological calendar, or to solve specific problems: preparing soils for ecological and organic farming, fertilizing the mother/working solution in hydroponics to compensate for the deficiency of certain meso or microelements, strengthening the walls of grain crops to avoid lodging, etc. 



Testing our products on a wide variety of crops, we came to a striking conclusion: if you systemically apply our SatoSoil® Improvers, SatoGrow® Biostimulants, SatoHum® Macro and micro nutrition and SatoHum® and Sato® Special compounds, not only the assimilation of nutrients increases, which affects the crop yield, but also the overall need for fertilizers and top dressing is leveled and becomes more rational from season to season.

Therefore, we developed a comprehensive system for applying our products, and we called this step-by-step instruction 4 Sato® Steps. Application rates with the system approach are reduced to a minimum, the prolonged and cumulative effect of the application lead to optimal results without overfeeding soils, seedlings and fruits.


And if quantitative analysis shows an increase in yield on average from 20 to 50%, then a more important criterion for us – feedback from our customers – indicates a significant improvement in the organoleptic properties of the final product.

It doesn’t matter at what stage you begin using SatoHum® products, the main thing is to do it competently and systematically, starting from the knowledge of our technologists and accumulated experience, combining an academic approach and professional intuition.

Check out our catalogs and recommendations for fertilization the 4 Sato® Steps system

Product Сatalog

Product Сatalog


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Crops Catalog

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